From industry to service company


Financial accountant, Utternbåtar AB (boat manufacturer)


Financial manager and later CEO, Norrlands Hydraulic AB


CEO, Universum i Umeå AB


I founded the company Hydraulcenter i Norrland AB together with a couple of former colleagues in the hydraulics business. Eventually, the company was acquired by Specma Hydraulic Group and since then, they have acquired the major companies in the business, such as Alentec and Näsström System AB. Today, Specma Component AB has about 80 employees in our region and 600-800 in total, depending on the economic conditions.


I founded the company Consultor Företagskonsult Lars Köhler AB in the fall. I work in several different business areas, such as insurances, banking and the daily press. More information in the section Business Areas.

Over the years, I have had about twenty board assignments, but due to the risk of conflict of interest, I am no longer accepting board assignments. However, I am engaged in a few projects where I function as a sounding board or mentor for CEO’s and business managements.

I have also been the operating CEO on consultant basis for about fifty companies in different business areas, for instance:

  • Universum i Umeå AB
  • Dundret in Gällivare
  • BD Fisk AB in Luleå
  • Various ski lift companies
  • Small and medium-sized industrial companies


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