Business Development

Develop your company with business models

Do you need a unique business model, adapted for your company? My specialty in business development is to develop business models, revenue management and identifying the activities in the company that generate the best possible customer benefit together with the customer.

The effects of my intermodal business models are both socio and macroeconomic and commercial. You will continue working with the most up to date prospective establishers.

The result of a successfully completed business model is:

  • increasing intermodal, climate-smart transportation, which results in economic growth
  • improved logistics organization in the regions
  • establishments of so-called ‘splitpoints’, regional warehouses and companies in third-party logistics

Our Methods

We establish a starting point

Initially, we take a look at the current state of the company. It is important that we agree on the starting point for the company and the current conditions.

I develop an adapted business model

I begin with developing strategies, specific goals and activities. I utilize previous success factors and the acquired competence of the company. The company’s competence is as important as the business platform. That is why I also identify the key persons of the company and build a competence platform.

The model is ready to use

The result of the project is an intermodal business model that assigns the strategists a trademark creating loyal customers, or if it concerns regional development – a logistic, regional trademark and advanced information for you to use in further work with your business development. When the business model is finished, established and documented in a business plan, organizational plan, master plan or similar, it should be implemented in practice. I participate in the first business matter with the new or updated business platform to make sure it works, and after that, you and your colleagues carry out this process on your own, where I may function as your sounding board.

We do not apply ready-made solutions. Solutions are worked out through a process only after the present situation/problems and the target/potentials are identified.

Business models in the early stages – For discussions with investors and venture capitalists.

Business models in the later stages – When the profits of the core activity needs improvement (e g through compound trading or transformation).

Business models in the internal work – For instance in the development of a strategic plan or before making a budget.

Business and cooperation models in and between regions – For instance in commercialization of infrastructure

Compound trading and transformation are key words in today’s business development. Nowadays, serial entrepreneurs use the method in their business development. They offer products requested by the core customers, regardless of which business area the product belongs to.

A classic example is gas stations. When the core activity that attracts customers is no longer profitable, they offer what the customers request: Food, hotdogs and such. The same thing goes for garden centers selling furniture and airlines making more money from onboard shopping than flight tickets.

My experiences from several business areas make me a pioneer in the genre of business development through compound trading.



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