Executive Search

Our Methods

We develop a work plan

Initially, we develop a work plan together, where the starting point is the current conditions and future ambitions of your company. The foundation may consist of business presentations, business plans, annual accounts, budgets, prognoses, markets, products and services. In the work plan, we also describe working methods, time plans and charging principles.

I find the candidates

I base the profile of demands on the current business plan and the visions, goals and strategies of the company. When I search for candidates I use my dynamic register of candidates and a qualified contact network in different business areas. I search for candidates based on the profile of demands rather than to advertise. An advantage of my search method is that I am able to hand-pick a number of appropriate candidates rather than having to choose one from a given crowd. The candidates should not just be good, but the best suitable for the current position.

Then I present the candidates, typically three to five candidates, with a personal description. Together we make sure that the description corresponds to the profile of demands that we agreed on.

We hand-pick a candidate

Together we hand-pick the candidate who best corresponds to the profile of demands. Usually, the whole process takes about two to four months. You also have a one year warranty, which means that I will redo the process free of charge if you are not satisfied with the result.

Recruitment is not a uniform concept. There is a distinction between executive search firms and staffing companies.



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