About Consultor


Consultor is a knowledge-based company working with problem-solving and coaching in business development and executive search. My name is Lars Köhler and I am the head of the company. More information about me is available in the Background section.

I will develop your business and business skills simultaneously. I will coach you in designing business models and finding value drivers. I am part of a qualified network that consists of professional consultants in Sweden. My contact network includes companies and organizations as well as municipalities and authorities.

Read more about my services:

Business Development

Do you want to create new, innovative and profitable business ideas for the core activity of your business?

Executive Search

I will recruit executives and specialists if you do not wish to advertise yourself.

Interpreter and translator

A presentation of my interpreter and translator for international jobs is available here:

Website: www.itranslate.se (in English)

Blog: Översättarbloggen (in Swedish)


The subsidiary company B-Rail Commercialization of Infrastructure AB will evaluate a new intermodal concept for a large state-owned company.

Development of logistic regions in Sweden, Norway and Finland and northern Europe

Our subsidiary company B-Rail AB is building regional business platforms between the three largest cities in northern Sweden and equivalent in southern Sweden and northern Europe. Partners in this project are infrastructure managers, terminal operators, forwarders, hauler companies, port companies, railway companies and third-party logisticians (3PL).

We use our own business model ­­– Commercialization of Infrastructure – when developing these logistic regions through building commercial infrastructure around the physical ones alongside the major routes in the Bothnian Corridor. The regions cooperate in pairs and both infrastructure managers and the major development departments of the terminal operators work together.

Development of logistic twin towns

Upcoming projects in 2013/2014 concern the routes Jönköping/Nässjö – Sundsvall – Umeå – Norrbotten, Stockholm – Sundsvall – Umeå – Norrbotten and Gothenburg – Sundsvall. Our events will be covered by trade press over two years (in the Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies’ magazine and Swedish Broadcasting Corporation P1’s science radio program ‘Vetandets Värld’).

Developing goods flow market research

B-Rail has been assigned two large projects to work with developing goods flow market research in the northern periphery and in our major terminals in central and southern Sweden. The purpose is to improve quality and usability in research and planning as well as in business development.


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